I Love Your Smile

This is one of my many posts about nothing in particular.

This morning I was a bit bored and avoiding the housework (for a change!) so I sat down to watch a few videos on YouTube. I came across this video of Solange performing Losing You on The Jimmy Fallon show.


Its great is’nt it? I love this tune. I love the Chic style dancing and Solange’s look. Its just a great performance all round. But the one thing that struck me the most is how lovely Solange’s smile is.

I hate to compare Solange to her big skin and blister like the rest of the world, but she beats Beyonce by miles when it comes to smiling. While Queen B gives great face, that we cannot deny, she has spent years perfecting the fierce/sexy smile. I much prefer Solange’s more natural, warmer and more genuine smiley face. To quote The Killers – she smiles like she means it.

It made me think of something that Rob often says to me – that I should smile more often because when I do my whole face lights up. And after seeing this video, I kinda get what he means.

I am not a huge smiler. I have been called a miserable cow many times (I am not one BTW! Well, I hope not!!). I just suffer from chronic bitchface. This is a serious condition and I am trying to raise awareness people!

I have a very expressive face, so I try to remain in poker mode as much as possible. It means that when I smile my whole face smiles, and I really smile with my eyes.

I don’t want to post any pictures of me on here of me smiling, as I am notoriously camera shy. I pose awkwardly, I pull stupid gurning faces and for some reason I always wave at the camera when I am asked for a picture. Consequently there are very few, if any, natural and at ease pictures of me out there. Maybe one day I will post some more snaps of me on here, but for now I like being anonymous.

The other smile I noticed a while back was Grimes in this video, at around the 40 second mark, where she smiles and laughs as she waves by a guy who ruins her shot. I think Grimes has a nice smile too.

Do I sound a little creepy saying that? Because I felt a bit creepy typing it! But I am trying to blog about smilers I like here, and I guess if you are reading this you probably know by now that I do get a bit random on here from time to time. And yes, you guessed it, I do talk rubbish for hours on end in real life too!Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.37.41 PMMaybe I should smile more often, but I don’t want to perfect fake smiling and learn how to keep on one my face just to please other people. I am happy with myself and want to be my (slightly miserable looking) self, not to pretend smile just to avoid hearing the dreaded “cheer up love” or “your face looks like a badgers arse!” etc.

And besides, surely smiling too much gives you wrinkles? Who’s laughing now eh, all of you who called me miserable? – Me! Just internally, not outwards cos I wanna avoid the laughter lines!


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  1. This Solange song is an obsession of mine at the moment. Produced by the wonderful Dev Hynes, off of Lightspeed Champion, y’know.

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