BEDN 9 – Blog Chat

Day 9 – Talk about Blogging. What do you love about it? What drives you mad about it? Do you have any brilliant Blogging tips you can share with your readers? Any lessons learned? Any resources?

Why do I bother blogging? Thats a question I ask myself from time to time. I have a very small readership and I never bother to promote my blog or join in the banter with the blogging community on Twitter.

Gaining loads of readers and the potential financial gains from blogging are not my priority. I have no interesting in reading the majority of sponsored posts and product reviews, so why would I want to write them myself? My blog is my hobby and an online diary/photo log/record of my random thoughts from the last few years. Thats all it is and all I want it to be.

One thing I have gained from blogging is more confidence with my creative writing. It might be hard to believe, but almost two years ago after leaving a job I was unhappy at for 12 years, I could not write anything (despite doing OK at GCSE level English with 2x B grades), because I had not written anything since leaving college. In my previous job I never composed emails and I only ever responded in writing to customer complaints once every blue moon (and then it took me all day to write one page!) My role was admin based but I used an in-house computer system and dealt with customers by telephone or face to face.

So when I left this job I struggled with job applications, composing my CV and cover letters.  I mean really struggled. We are talking about tears and complete mental blocks here.

While I cannot claim to be a good blogger or writer, I think I have improved my writing skills thanks to Using My Loaf. The more I practice, the more natural writing becomes to me. Ok, my grammar, punctuation and spelling need work, but I no longer get the fear when faced with a blank page or computer screen. Its nice to put my thinking cap on and challenge myself more.

Although sometimes I feel a lot like this (what a great post from Rachel) I do enjoy blogging and I think its something positive in my life.

So thats why I am taking part in the BEDN challenge. More fool me! Two blog every day challenges in one year eh! But its a gentle push in the right direction to improve my skill sets which is always a good thing and I love seeing how other bloggers interpret the prompts!

2 thoughts on “BEDN 9 – Blog Chat

  1. To be a total English teacher about it, your spelling & grammar and things have improved so much since the beginning. I think I have been coming here pretty much since the start and I wouldn’t stick with it if you couldn’t write (I get enough poor writing at work!).

    1. Aww thanks! Thats very kind of you to say.

      Some of my early posts do make me cringe a little! After years of not being challenged, learning anything new or using my loaf much this was something I needed to do. The only writing I did previously was lazy texts and barely literate comments on Facebook! Now I am much more confident at putting my thoughts in writing. Your never too old to learn (or re-learn in my case) new skills!

      Now I need to start working on my photography and programming eek!

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