Pyrex Stuff That Is Not Pyrex

I want to share a few Pyrex bits and bobs that I have accumulated over the years.

First up is this old American magazine advert that I bought cheap off Ebay, which I have framed (badly), and displayed in the kitchen. I love it because Pyrex really is a joy for “fixing, mixing, cooking, serving and storing!”


Please excuse the slightly blurry pic!

Next up is this tea towel, which I also bought for a couple of quid on Ebay. 
And finally, this wonderful leaflet from 1962. Its a recipe booklet/info leaflet, and is much nicer than the boiled brains and regional offal in this Pyrex booklet that I shared here!image

I Might Have a Problem…

I need to join a support group for Pyrex lovers, something like Pyrex Hoarders Anonymous if such a thing exists.

I need to stand up in front of the group and announce to them that “my name is Helen and I have a Cinderella problem” and then the group would immediately know that its not a Disney princess issue that I have, but a colourful, patterned, vintage glass mixing bowl with pourers on the sides problem and sympathise with me!

I currently have ten Cinderella mixing bowls. Yes, thats right, ten.

Question – How many cakes do I bake? Answer – Not that many, as we are trying to cut back on sugary treats.

Question – How many fruit bowls do I need? Answer – Only one, as there are just two of us in our household.

Question – How many mixing bowls do you own again Helen? Answer – Ten.

Oh, the shame….Still, at least I can write a blog post about them!

I have the complete set of pink Gooseberry mixing pyrex 1
This Morning Star bowl. (My current fruit bowl)mix it up
These two white and yellow Gooseberry bowls.yellow mixing bowls
My personal favourite, this turquoise Gooseberry one.aqua bowl
And these two Toledo bowls, which aren’t in the best condition, so they are my everyday cooking bowls. Although I do use all of them, honestly – just not all at the same time, as I do not run a bakery from my kitchen!toledo bowls

Apparently because I might have too much Pyrex, it totally justifies Rob owning four bikes!?! My answer back is that all of my Pyrex together cost less than the equivalent of one wheel or a pedal or something on one of his expensive bikes.

And at least I can sneak my guilty indulges into the house easier, I suppose!

At Last, A Complete Set Of Pyrex!

I find the simplest type of blog posts like “here’s some new to me Pyrex, now look at the pretty pictures” are the hardest for me to write. I find it much easier to ramble on about random crap incoherently (as demonstrated in my previous post), than edit myself, keeping things short and sweet and to the point! Plus I am really lazy about taking photos for my blog. I had hoped that blogging would make me enjoy photography again, but alas, I will always be a point and shoot and hope for the best type of picture taker. See below!pink pyrex 1

But look at my lovely new Pyrex haul! Kindly bought for me by my Mum while the parents and I were out for the day playing dumb tourists (literally) on Tuesday at Hampton Court.

I found them in an antique shop (does that count as in the wild?), and my heart skipped a beat! They were all individually priced – the smallest white bowl (is it a 1 pint size?) was £3, the pink next size up (2 pint?) was £5, then the second largest white bowl (3 pint?) was £9.50 and the largest pink bowl (4 pint?) was priced £ pyrex 2

I only had about £3 quid in my purse, and I could only stretch to buying the two smallest bowls by paying on my card  as it was the wrong side of payday. Mum offered to buy them for me, then we had a bit of a back and forth argument about which bowls to buy, as she offered to buy me a larger size or two, while I buy the cheaper ones, as it was a shame to split the set, and I argued that I did not want her spending more money on me etc. Once we totalled up the complete price of the set £31 (which took an embarrassingly long time, as maths is not our strong point!) we decided to ask the lady in the shop if she could do a deal. At first she said she would knock 10% off, then after she add up the total price of the full set she then said she would sell them for £ pyrex 3

So my Mum very generously bought me the set as my birthday present! I was over the moon and humbled by her kindness. The parents on the other hand could not understand what I see in them and when I text them in the evening to say thank you again for a lovely day out and my present she texted me back saying “Thats ok Dad said. You can have something else than those old dishes!! X” (I have quoted her word for word, as my Mums texts always make me laugh as is not the best at using her mobile!) Some people just do not appreciate good vintage when they see it, eh!

I know that £25 is not the cheapest, but it works out at £6.25 per bowl, which is about the average price for a Kent charity shop find. However, it is a much cheaper price for a full set than on Ebay and Etsy, which is good enough for me! Thanks again Mum!

Sidenote – I also need to invest in some cheap round tupperware containers to display these bad boys with. I was using one of a set from Ikea for my display on the ever evolving kitschen shelves of glory. I just could not find the rest of them. I know that one is currently in the freezer with half a can of coconut milk in it, who knows where the rest have gone? I had to balance my bowls precariously on some mini jam jars for their photo shoot!pink pyrex 4

Nice New Pyrex

Did you know that 2015 is Pyrex’s 100th anniversary? And that they have bought out some limited edition commemorative pieces to celebrate their centenary?

I must admit that I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, so its probably old news now!

In the UK there is a special edition measuring jug (which I found for £4 in my local Morrisons supermarket) and a clear glass reproduction version of the traditional cinderella shaped mixing bowls.

Image from Click on image for original link.

The special edition measuring jug. Image from Click on image for original link.

If you have read my blog before you will know how much I love the design of the cinderella bowls. I love the handy pourers on the sides. So if you are a minimal person who doesn’t like pattern, with a simple, modern style kitchen, do yourself a favour and hunt down one of the mixing bowls because they are so nice to use (especially for pancake batter!)

I am afraid that I cannot find a link to the new, vintage style, mixing bowls, or a decent image of them, anywhere on the whole WWW! I recently saw a photo of them in my Mums Prima magazine (which also reminded me to get my finger out and blog about them!), so the teeny tiny image in the corner of the cover of the magazine below will have to suffice. Sorry!

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

If you live in America, you are spoilt for choice with the commemorative Pyrex 100th anniversary pieces. There are some really pretty measuring jugs in a number of different colours. My fave is the turquoise one below.

Screen shot from

Screen shot from

And some lovely dotted storage dishes, similar to the original Pyrex new dot mixing bowls.

Screen shot from

Screen shot from

I would love to get my hands on one or two of those. Sadly, they do not ship to the UK, nor do I particularly need them as I have enough tupperware and storage containers to last a lifetime in my kitchen!

Check out the American Pyrex website for more images and their Instagram account for yet more Pyrex goodness.

Image from Pinterest. Original source

Image from Pinterest. Original source

Do You Like Pyrex? Then You Will Love These Links!

Hot on the heels of my ‘Do You Like Mid Century Modern?‘ round up two years ago, its time to do a little round up of Pyrex blogs and websites.Pyrex 1

That Retro Piece – A great resource site for JAJ (British) and Agee Crown (Australian Pyrex) patterns.

Hot For Pyrex – Another great site about your favourite vintage glass casserole bowls. Mostly about American Pyrex, but also has a great section on JAJ and Agee patterns etc.

Pyrex Love – A blog which is no longer updated (sob). But has a great Pattern Reference page and articles. Did you know that in 2007 Britain stopped making Pyrex up in Sunderland?

Check out the info pages on Pyrex on In Color Order!

And Corelle Corner! Which has a great list of all the American patterns.

The Pyrex Collective I – A blog mostly about American Pyrex written by various Pyrex enthusiasts around the world.

The Pyrex Collective II – More of the same goodness.

The Pyrex Collective III – Ditto.

The Pyrex Collective IIV – And again. Of course I follow all four collectives on Feedly!

Flickr is a great resource for images and information written by enthusiasts in various groups.

Pinterest is also another way to lose a few hours looking at pretty pictures of Pyrex. Here is my board!pyrex mugs 4

And finally, a few links to other bloggers who are Pyrex enthusiasts, and some random blog posts all about about my favourite vintage obsession  –

What Do You Make of My Cake – Jo bakes wonderful cakes, sews her own amazing clothes, is the proud owner of a milk glass cake stand, collects Utility China and loves Pyrex. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of her blog!

Pyrex Adventures – A blog about (you guessed it) Pyrex, quilts and other vintage pretty stuff.

I love this post on Pyrex and other milk glass by Southern Plate. I check for part 2 every few months or so, but no joy. I am eagerly waiting to see more of this ladies collection!

A sweet little round up on why vintage Pyrex appeals to so many from The Vintage Knitter. Those two books have been on my wishlist for so long!

Pyrex 2001 Casserole Bowls

In my three years of blogging I have talked about my love of vintage Pyrex on here occasionally. And there always seems to be a parallel, the more that I think and blog about Pyrex, the more I want all the Pyrex!

In the last year or so I have been trying to cool down my collecting and buying stuff that I don’t need in general (no I haven’t read this book). So hence the lack of Pyrex and vintage posts on here. But for the next few posts I am going to go full steam ahead and talk about my favourite obsession and try not to let this happen in my kitchen!

I mentioned in a comment in my last post that a couple of years ago I bought a lot of Pyrex online, and the Pyrex that I am sharing today was bought from Ebay. Some might call that cheating. I just wanted a nice collection to display in my kitchen quickly and cheaply. I never pay above £10 (inc postage) for a piece and the two dishes I am blogging about today were well below that sum. If you are patient and lucky you might still be able to snap up vintage Pyrex for around that figure, but I have found in the last few years that more and more people are collecting Pyrex, and the prices have shot up considerably both in charity shops and online (sob).

I also wanted to buy some pieces that if I ever went off of Pyrex (heaven forbid), I could sell on and not lose money. So I made a point of buying the 2001 casserole bowls as an investment.

And because they are pretty of course!

I do love bold colours and graphic prints and the 2001 dishes appeal to me because of this. Unfortunately, because the pattern is on the top of the lid I have not figured out a way to display them on my shelves. Doh!double pyrex

The Pyrex 2001 dishes were launched around 1970 in two different colours, with a wooden stand and with a guarantee until December 2001 that they would not wear out. I guess the new millennium sounded far off and futuristic in the 70’s! And indeed back then, a lot of people thought that the 2001 Pyrex dishes might end up as collectors items, because its quite easy to find them still in their original boxes and unused fairly cheap online. So much for my investment!

My orange 2001 dish came with its original box (sorry not pictured, its up in the loft) and a wooden stand and is in mint pyrexMy teal 2001 has a few small marks on it, but I am happy to have it to own the pair.teal pyrexI think they look rather cool together with their retro flower power graphics and seventies colours.stacked pyrexnice pyrex

Madam Mix-a-Lot

It has been a while since any new (to me) Pyrex has entered my life.

There are many reasons why this is the case. Mainly because my local charity shops are rubbish, the prices are sky high on Ebay right now (to the point where I have been tempted to sell a few of my pieces for a tidy profit) and I have been on another decluttering mission.

Because of my ongoing decluttering, I always think long and hard before buying anything new. Do I need it? Will I use it? Have I got one already?

So many questions that I chose to ignore when I bought this little number below!mix it upIts another Cinderella style JAJ mixing bowl. Yes, I know I need one of these like I need a hole in the head. But when it comes to Pyrex, my weakness is the mixing bowls! They are just so nice to bake with and the pourers on the side are such a great design feature.

It cost me £4.99. Not exactly the charity shop bargain of the year, but as I have said before there is no such thing as a bargain in my local chazzas! I justified the spend by walking home instead of spending £2.70 on my bus fare. Oh yeah, and the money going to a good cause bit!

I have no idea what the name of this pattern is though, or how old it is. My guess is its from the late 60’s, early 70’s. Does anyone out there know?

*Edit 01/03/15* I have found more info on the pattern via Flickr here!

Cray Cray Prices On Ebay

A cute Pyrex piece I was watching on Ebay sold for a hell of a lot of money recently.

In fact, I have noticed that vintage Pyrex is reaching bonkers prices lately. Like over £50 for the rarer pieces! Crazy!

But this one selling for £159??!!!?? Madness! And it didn’t even have a stand!Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 19.00.00It seems there are some very rich people with money to burn who love Pyrex. All I can say is that I am glad it was a charity auction and a good cause has gained a very nice windfall!

This is NOT an April fools day joke BTW. This really happened!

Its All Gravy!

gravy trainConfession – I have been buying some vintage Pyrex on EBay!

We recently had a good sort out/spring clean, and I sold some unwanted stuff on EBay and made a tidy profit! And yes, I might have spent a little of my pay-pal moneypot on some Pyrex!

Some people might call it cheating, but I have a slim to none chance of finding any Pyrex out in the wild. My local charity shops are very expensive and don’t have much decent vintage for sale. Rob and I hardly ever go to boot fairs either, as we will always choose a lay in over rising at the crack of dawn. I’m just not a dedicated enough treasure hunter to sacrifice my beauty sleep!

Soon after my blog confession about leaving some Pyrex behind and regretting it, I decided to console myself with a little online purchase. My first win was the snowflake 50’s gravy/sauce boat. I won it for £3 plus £3 P+P. Then a few days later, having written off my chances of finding Pyrex in a local chazza ever again, I found the Cottage Rose patterned gravy boat for £3.99 in my local PDSA. Not cheap as chips, but cheapish for my area!yellow gravyThe snowflake yellow sauce pourer/gravy jug/soup bowl (all of which I have seen these described as on EBay, take your pick!) is from the late 50’s/early 60’s I believe and has the handy feature of a pourer on each side, so can be used by left handed or right handed people.yello sauseThe Cottage Rose patterned gravy boat is from the mid 60’s/early 70’s and has a pourer at the front, which can be also used by lefties and righties.

Rob kind of groaned and rolled his eyes when he saw this. He thinks its horrible! Well tough luck, because it is currently displayed in pride of place on my kitchen nick-nack shelf with its other milk glass friends, and is staying put!roseyrosey treasure