Some More Halloween Tunes

In my retail work environment they have been playing Halloween themed tunes all day long. And I mean all day long. Oh joy.

Halloween I can just about stand, its what’s coming next that I am dreading. Gah, I hate you Noddy and Mariah. I really hate you. And you too sleigh bells* and all the other blooming chrimbo song clichés.

If I was in charge of the music played at work, it goes without saying that I would ban all Christmas music. And during the Halloween build up, I would play my (much better) playlist which I compiled back in 2012, blogged about here and have copied and pasted below –

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker jr
Ghost Town – The Specials
Dusk Till Dawn – Ladyhawk
Hunting For Witches – Bloc Party
Satan Spawn – Orbital
Halloween – Siouxie and the Banshees
Tombstone – Peaches
Evil – Ladytron
Sukie in the graveyard – Belle and Sebastian
NYC’s like a graveyard – The Moldy Peaches
Devil’s Haircut – Beck
Little Ghost – The White Stripes
Lullaby – The Cure
Heavy Water – Foals
Soft Power – Ladytron
Internia creeps – Massive Attack
Is there a ghost – Band of Horses
Last living souls – Gorillaz

Then I would throw the following tunes (that I have recently thought of) into the mix –

Zombie – Jamie T
Big Bad Wolf – Duck Sauce
Demons – Sleigh Bells
Play Dead – Bjork
Psycho Killer – Talking heads
People are Strange – The Doors
Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Ok, I will admit that some of above tracks are played at work, and I nicked them for this blog post! But please note the absence of  Monster Mash, I Put a Spell On You, Bat Out Of Hell and Thriller (I am not a MJ fan). I have heard enough of those songs lately for a lifetime thank you.**


* Not the band Sleigh Bells. I love them! See above.

**I guess the moral of this story is that I need to find a new job!

Tuesday Tune – Guilty Pop Pleasures Edition

This is the post that will make Rob finally disown me!

I am going to list a selection of songs that I shouldn’t like, but somehow against all the odds, I do. These songs are huge mainstream pop hits, from artists I do not like and have plenty of airplay and really catchy choruses. But you will never get me to admit that I like them in real life….just on the internet in a blog that hardly anyone reads!!

So why do I like them? This is something I cannot explain. It must be that I am getting soft in my old age and have lost some of my rage against the machine. It seems I have given up the fight against catchy, repetitive pop tunes penetrating my brain!

Whatever it is, I just cannot help but hum along and get the tunes (if you can call them that) below stuck in my head for days after I hear them!

1) Little Mix – How Ya Doin’?

Please let me digress with a really long and vaugely relevant story about this one, as I really love De La Soul….
My mother is basically a character from The Fast Show. She has so many catchphrases and lines that she repeatedly drops into conversations. Even when I am not around her, I can hear her voice in my head saying things like “be sure your sins will find themselves out” and “get it while you see it”.
Grrr, she is always right! And she knows it! Recently she gleefully gave my sister and I this fridge magnet as a gift. She was so proud of herself and thinks the magnets are hilarious! Talk about rub it in, eh!
She drove me up the wall as a kid with her pearls of wisdom. But now that I am older and wiser, I can only hope to one day have a small portion of her evil genius!

One of her sayings that she would irritate me when I was younger with was every time she heard a cover version of a song from her youth, she would proclaim “oh, they’ve ruined it!”
So as I child, I swore to myself that I would never say that as an adult, because the day I did would officially make me a boring old fuddie duddie.

Ok, so I have failed miserably on that front! But I make no apologies for it. Especially when I hear a god awful cover of The White Stripes 7 Nation Army several times a week on the tannoy system in the shop I work. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, it really is the worst cover version I have ever heard!

Right, lets get back on point. So why do I like this song? I shouldn’t, as it samples De La Soul (who sampled Curiosity Killed The Cat) and its by a manufactured girl band from the Simon Cowell TV hit machine. But despite those crimes against music, I still like it.
Its catchy, fluffy pink pop and features Missy Elliott. Even I cannot fight that.

2) Maroon 5 – One More Night

No I haven’t bumped my head recently. I am going to declare that I like this song (and Moves Like Jagger!) Then run into a corner to hide and hang my head in shame.

Please note that I cannot stand Maroon 5. Ever since they emerged in the noughties, I have always disliked their music. In the past I have given a friend stick for owning their album (he was a brave man for admitting that one) and I have told anyone who would listen that the lead singers voice is nasal and sounds like Zippy from Rainbow. My hatred for Maroon 5 is almost as strong and pure as it is for Coldplay. Yet somehow I like this tune.

Damm you Maroon 5, you win with your catchy hooks!

3) Lily Allen – Air Balloon

Remember when Lily burst onto the scene out of Myspace pretending to be a bit council estate with her big hoop earrings and white trainers but her plummy public school accent and famous dad didn’t fool anyone?

Ah, Lily Allen. Despite you pretending to be a bit chavy, I like you as a person because you are not afraid to be opinionated and sometimes say stupid shit, which we are all guilty of. But I have never liked particularly liked your music.

Its lucky I still have a telly, as every time her John Lewis advert cover of Keane came on over Xmas, I wanted to throw something at the TV to MAKE IT STOP! Gah, that song made my ears bleed.

But Lily has redeemed herself with this tune. Its catchy, poppy and sounds a little bit like MIA. Plus she is doing some proper Dad dancing in her video!

4) Pitbull – Timber

I am saving the best for last! Now this really is embarrassing, but I think I like this tune? It has a harmonica, is on the radio 1 playlist, Ke$ha singing it and cheesy video featuring cowboy hats and babes gyrating in hot pants. I keep hearing it on the radio and singing along to it. I know it is a terrible song, yet somehow I don’t hate it. Infact I think I kinda like it. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!

Tuesday Tune

Its been a while since I did one of these posts! Today I am posting two tunes. Why? – Because in my head they kind of go together.

In that they don’t at all.

But the inside of my head is such a random, vague place. Full of thoughts about fluffy kittens, where is my next meal and is it right to eat this much Nutella in one sitting.

The first tune is by Chvrches and called The Mother We Share.

Its one of my favourite current songs played on the radio at the moment. Its just so nice. There is no other word for it. Its just the perfect cheery, poppy song with pretty pink sparkly bits. If you hate it, there is probably something wrong with you and you have a heart of stone.

And the band are all so shiny, young and cute in the video. Adorable!

The next tune is by The Knife and called We Share Our Mothers Health.

It has nothing much in common with the first tune. Just two of the same words in the song title. But listening to the Chvrches tune made me want to listen to The Knife again.

It is poppy in its own way I suppose. Its from 2006 (I say it again. WTF? Time flies) and I love both tunes equally.

Tuesday Tune

Yeah I know I am probably the last person in the world to blog about the return of Daft Punk, but who cares, I love ’em and I want to share this clip!

When I first saw this on the telly a week or so ago my heart sunk a little. I don’t know why, but I find Pharrell Williams a bit cheesy, and he makes me cringe a little.

But I gotta admit the dude has talent. Plus the fact that Daft Punk have collaborated with Nile Rogers and the robot is playing slap bass more than make up the cringe factor for me!

I was bought up on my Mum’s collection of 70’s disco vinyl (she stopped listening to new music in the 80’s because she had children or so she says. I say because most 80’s mainstream music is a bit shit) Chic were one of our favourites, we used to spend hours dancing around the record player in the living room (me wearing a Mickey mouse sweater, my sister in some kind of sequined party dress and mum wearing oversized glasses. We were such hipster pioneers pah ha ha!).

Its like my mums musical world has collided with mine (with a bit of Pharrell thrown in for good measure), which can only be a good thing!daft_punk_by_erchivita-d49sdgl

Pic from Google images/grimygatsby

Tuesday Tune

I know this tune has been around for a while now, but I still love it, and its been a while since I have done a Tuesday tune post on here!

The video is a good’un in my book as it has a pretty boy with 90’s style hair bouncing around (hey, don’t judge, I have a soft spot for pretty boys with floppy hair wearing stripy t-shirts!)

According to The Guardian this band are bringing back baggy, which I guess after 20 odd years must be due for a comeback!

Tuesday Tune

I always have the radio on in the kitchen when I cook, in fact I cannot cook without it.

I tune into 6music or radio1 for the Zane Lowe show in the evenings, and I don’t often deviate from these two stations. However at the weekends, in particular Saturday evening, there is often a twilight zone when these two stations are a bit rubbish. On radio1 you have the Trevor Nelson show and 6music you have the Craig Charles funk and soul show.

I can tolerate Trevor’s show for about 5 or 6 songs before it starts to get on my nerves. I prefer Trev when he plays the old school classics (think Stevie Wonder et al) rather than the smooth R’n’B stuff. Nah, not my cup of tea. I like to think I have an open mind about all genres of music, and I do genuinely like Trevor and his passion for music. But as I said, I usually find myself twisting that tuning dial.

As for Craig Charles show. I just cant listen to it, sorry. So I usually settle on Absolute 90’s station. On Saturday evenings they play all the 90’s party classics (think Snap, Adamski etc) and it takes me right back to my clubbing days.

Which if you do the maths was a very long time ago! Yep, I used to go out raving every weekend from the age of 16 until I slowed down at the grand old age of 23. I pretty much lived at my hometowns one and only indie disco dive bar, but I would also frequent wherever had the best drink promotions, and when I was very young (under 18) anywhere the bouncers would let me in! So I would throw some drunken shapes to all kinds of music back in the day. Except for jungle, I was too slow at dancing to that!

Now I hardly ever venture into a nightclub and most of my (bad Dad style) dancing is done in the kitchen, to give my neighbours opposite something to gawp at. We really must sort out our kitchen blinds!

So on a Saturday evening all I have to listen to is cheesy 90’s house tunes, on a station marketed to people in thier 30’s, which is frankly, pretty lame. Occasionally they will throw a winner in the mix like Orbital or The Prodigy, and last Saturday the played this tune which had me dancing around the kitchen and singing all the words at the top of my voice. Love it!

Tuesday Tune/Our New Bed

Looky what we got delivered today! After a slight hiccup with my credit agreement (interest free Mum – don’t worry!) Our new bed is here!

I took some pictures to share here and have been trying to think of a Tuesday tune with a bed theme in its honour. I hit a wall and the only song I could think of was Keane’s Bedshaped. Nah, boring. I am not a Keane fan.

So I asked Rob if he could think of any bed or dream themed tunes. He did a quick search of his iTunes and suggested this……

Deary me, its terrible eh! But slightly better than Keane I suppose. It was one of those moments I questioned our relationship.

His excuse was that it is on his iTunes as he has the Waynes World soundtrack on there. Again I wondered if I ever would really know the man, even after 11 years together.

Anyhoo, here are the pictures of our bed. First, straight after it had been delivered, then second, after I had made it using the fancy new pillows and duvet we got for free when we purchased it! Woop!bed1bed2Side Note – You see that piece of string hanging above the bed in this pic? It’s one of the only original features our house has left! We viewed a lot of homes on our estate when we were looking to move, and they all seemed to have that piece of string hanging down from the ceiling in the main bedroom. The more we saw of it, the more we said to ourselves that we hated it and that we must rip it out, if the house we manage to buy has one (its amazing how you can get fixated on little things sometimes). Fast forward to almost three years later, and it’s still here and is staying put! It’s so handy for reading in bed, you don’t have to get out of bed to switch the light off – amazing!

Just for good measure, here is a snap of our old bed. Up for sale on Gumtree if anyone wants it. I cannot believe the height difference between them!old bed