My Cat Is Odd

This post is a bit of a random one (as per usual!) But as I am not getting out the house much at the moment, and I have no one else to talk to bore about my cat with other than Rob and my family on the phone, I thought that I would have a quick natter with the silent internet about my strange little fur baby.

I will get straight to the point here – she has a bald belly.

Its pink, its ugly and its a bit disturbing. And yep, I have Googled its potential cause countless times, and yep, I have taken her to the vets with it, and yep, when she lays down and it creases in the middle it looks a bit like a bald minge!

Have a look at the (not great mobile) photos below and see what you think (sorry I never managed to capture it properly in its full, creased mingey glory!) –Google says that its down to stress or fleas. She hasn’t got fleas (confirmed by the vet, thank goodness) and we moved house (the main cause of stress in cats) ages ago and she settled fine.

The vet thinks its an allergy and charged us £60 for a consultation and injection. The injection did seem to work, with a little hair growing back, so I cancelled her follow up appointment. But since then the baldy belly has returned with a vengeance! And if we took her back to the vets we would only end up spending a small fortune on inconclusive tests and be none the wiser.
Now that I have typed that statement out, I feel like the worst cat owner in the world by not following things up and spending a shitload of money trying to find the cause! But she is fine in herself, eating well and behaving normally – she just over grooms her fat little belly!

Rob, myself and the family think that she might be having a phantom pregnancy!

I cannot remember exactly when the baldness appeared, but Im sure that it was late last summer, around the time that my pregnancy began to show. Poppy has been fixed and has never had a litter of kittens, but she is a sensitive, emotional little thing, so I think that she picked up on my hormones. She used to sit on my lap purring away when Dylan kicked her when I was expecting, and so far has only been curious about him, wants to be near him and wants to cuddle up to him in a nurturing way.

My mother is a bit neurotic about the cat and Dylan. She thinks that Poppy might attack or smother him! This stems from the fact that her rescue cat Oxo is unfriendly and is a bad tempered biter (its not her fault, she just had a troubled past) and that when I was a baby she found our old family pet cat Daisy sitting on me when I was asleep! So mum thinks that Poppy is going to eat Dylan, when in reality she is a soppy wimp that has never killed any prey and loves her cuddles with Rob and I!

According to the internet pregnant and lactating cats sometimes shed hair on their bellies and devoted cats can be protective of the people-kitten!

What do you think? Will she try to breast feed him next? Or is she just stressed and overwhelmed by all the changes in the last year?

What a strange little cat Poppy is, eh!

Poppy The Huntress

Please let me start this post by saying that my cat is a little dumb. She is more of a lover than a fighter when it comes to hunting prey. Thankfully in her whole six years of existence, she has never bought us home any ‘presents’!

However it seems that, for as much as we treat her like a human baby and however much she acts like a needy/greedy one (all she is interested in is cuddles and food!) Somewhere, deep within her, and hard wired to her DNA, is that killer instinct that all cats have.

Here is Poppy sitting on top of our next door neighbours chicken enclosure. They have four chickens that I am well jel of!

She was preying on a poor bird (a Robin redbreast) that had somehow flown into the enclosure. The poor thing was flying back and forth and obviously a little distressed, so a cat stalking and swearing at it from above, was not what it needed.

Rob went out and got her down from there and bought her inside, she then went straight back out though her cat flap to sit and stalk it from the roof of the enclosure again! Rob fetched her in again and this time locked the cat flap. Then around 10 minutes later, another cat came and sat up on the roof! Luckily by this time next-door had come home from the school run, and set the bird free (and a chicken, which made a run for it from the enclosure!)

Normally Poppy gives the next door neighbours garden and chicken run a wide birth as she is scared of them! Plus they have a dog. But as I say, somewhere inside that moddy-coddled, chubby little body of hers, is a lean mean killing machine….that never quite manages to catch anything – phew!

Its all drama here working from home eh!

The Names I call my cat

I saw this post here and had to chuckle to myself when I thought of all the stupid nick-names I call my cat (and always in a high-pitched stupid baby voice as well!)

Her given name is Poppy Bernadette R-S (which is Rob and my surname’s hyphenated together that I have decided not to post publicly on here!*) The poor love, I bet she gets the mickey taken out of her by the other cats down our road with a name like that!

And to make matters worse, to completely ruin any street cred that she might have left once the other cats find out that she has a hyphenated surname, I also call her any of these names which I have listed here for your amusement!

Poppy (occasionally)
Monkey Dust
Dusty Monkey
Baby Monkey
Chunky Monkey
Bunny Rabbit
Whinger Ninja
Sleepy cat
Sleepy monkey
The beast
Mucky pup
Cuddle monster

Poppy doing her page 3 pose. Showing a little raspberry ripple!

Yep, I know what you are thinking and I agree. I am a mad cat lady!

*Email me if you really want to know her surname. Not that there is anything wrong with hyphenated surname’s, its just hers is a little daft/a complete mouthful!

An Introduction

Hello blog readers, I would like to introduce you to the number one love of my life, my cat Poppy! I am a fully certified mad cat lady, but I don’t care! This little tinker makes me (and Rob) so happy, with her silly little quirks!

I warn you now but make no apologies, this is a completely self indulgent post!

Poppy Likes

  • Iams
  • Six hour naps
  • Cuddles and lots of them
  • Your full attention
  • Talking (in cat language) to you loudly
  • Me
  • Rob
  • Sleeping in bed with us under the covers curled up in the nook of my arm
  • Swearing at birds through the window

Poppy Dislikes

  • Going without Iams
  • Other cats
  • Rob and I fighting – she gets upset and emotional, meowing pitifully and has to be picked up for a reassuring cuddle (seriously!)
  • Being told to get off the desk and not being allowed to stomp over keyboards in the office when we are working from home
  • Birds, moths etc
  • Being ignored
  • Being woken up
  • The cold.

Other interesting facts

  • Poppy has never managed to hunt and kill anything bigger than a moth, she has never bought  home any birds or mice so far. Touch wood!
  • She also is very ungraceful and does not have a good aim at jumping fences and doing normal cat stuff!
  • She cries as if in pain when we put her flea drops on her neck – what a wimp!
  • I once saw her in our garden in a fight with another cat where the other cat had pinned her on the floor and she pooed herself (literally) while lying on the floor scared.
  • We often have to rescue her from fights with other cats.

Yep we ruined her.

I have also ticked off #4 off my list in this post. PicMonkey is so easy, I love it and could easily waste many hours on the site!