BEDN – Fin

Thats it. Im throwing in the towel.

Image from

Image from Not my bathroom.

And I might as well throw in some cute Orla Kiely towels while I am at it!

I didn’t do too badly though, with a total of 26/30 posts (or 27/30 if you count this one), I did much better than I expected. When I signed up for the challenge I only intended to write around ten posts, I wanted to just choose the subjects that inspired me the most. I intended to write semi-decent posts rather than just blog for the sake of it.

Oopsy. Oh well, que sera sera!

Currently, I am sick of blogging (I think its a case of overkill!) so I am going to take a wee breather from here. I will be back soon though! Ta ta for now!

BEDN 26 – Home Sweet Home

Day 26 – Share a tour of your home? Or maybe you have some decorating and DIY plans? What is your favourite room? How do you make a home feel homey?

Considering that I wanted my blog to be mainly about us fixing up our home, I think my house has been featured the least on here!

This is our second house we have bought together and to be honest the decorating has been a slow and painful process. Maybe the novelty of DIY has worn off? So consequently blogging about it also seems to be a slow and painful process.

However, I do want my house to be beautiful (well in my eyes anyway!) and to share it on here. Currently, after 3.5 years of living here we are about 75% complete with the renovations.

Today I will share a little glimpse into one of my favourite views of our home. In our hallway we have a reproduction Eames Hang It All next to a 60’s/70’s (?) teak mirror, both cheap as chips from Ebay, shown below.

mirror mirror

Shown – Our hallway lampshade, repro Eames Hang It All covered in Robs coats (the bright orange one is his reflective biking jacket BTW!) and the reflected doorway into the lounge.

I love looking in this mirror, not at my own reflection, silly! But at the reflected image of my favourite corner in the lounge. I can see our vintage Gplan unit filled with my art and design books, vinyl toys, plants and my beloved Cathrineholm kettle. Unfortunately, I could not quite capture the image how I wanted to, so I tried moving a little closer to the mirror to capture a better image.

on the wall

Shown – part of the mirror with half a peek of the lounge and half a peek of the undecorated hallway showing where we have ripped some dodgy wiring out from the wall!

Nope it didn’t work! In the end I gave up trying to take a semi-arty photo and just took one directly through the doorway.lounge tasticTah-dah! A little preview of the lounge showing our Gplan unit, my collection of Taschen’s 25th anniversary books, George Nelson clock, Gplan Astro coffee table and our little retro inspired electric fire.

BEDN 25 – Til Xmas

Day 25Only 1 month until Christmas. Favourite Christmas traditions? Or favourite Christmas presents? Favourite Christmas songs? The best bit of Christmas is? What are you planning this year?

Blimey, one month to go? That pesky Xmas has snuck up on us again.

To be frank, I am not a huge fan of Xmas. As an atheist, who hates shopping, who has no children of her own, the three meanings of Xmas are lost on me.

Although I am not completely bah humbug/Scrooge McDuck/Grinch-like about the whole event. I do believe in the fourth meaning of xmas – the food!

I love the Xmas food! I have bought a jar of posh mincemeat ready to bake some mince pies, I have made a mental note to bake my cake at some point soon and I have even allowed myself a little daydream about making a batch of homemade chilli jam as a gift for my friends.

Dream on Hels! For those who do not know already – I am not very handy at crafting etc. The last batch I made did not set properly and ended up a very vinegary, runny, not very nice Thai sweet chilli sauce!

One thing I am looking forward to is putting the decorations up. We have not done so for the last 3-4 Christmases, due to being packed ready up to move, moved but the house was too disorganised and we CBA etc, then last year we had new carpets which we did not want to ruin by covering in glitter and marks from tree legs etc. But this year I feel a teeny tiny bit excited about decorating the house with a load of temporary tack to go amongst the rest of our permanent tack!

Also, is this not the best Xmas bauble ever? I so wish I bought it, instead of Instagraming it!beer ball

BEDN 23 – Date Night

Day 23 – If you could take your favourite person on the perfect date where would it be? What would you do? What would you eat? What would you wear? How do you like to romance? Is romance even a thing for you?

Rob and I have been together for twelve years, come this Xmas. To be honest it is sometimes hard to feel romantic about someone who you want to throttle for leaving their clothes on the floor, who uses two spare bedrooms as a garage, doesn’t listen to you and leaves oil stains around the house!

But clothes can easily be picked up and put into a washing basket, the latest project Rob is working on is fixing up a secondhand bike to be a christmas present for my eldest nephew, the permanent oil stains are on the old carpets which will eventually be replaced, and the not listening part we are still working on, even after nearly twelve years!

We are both not big on the cliches of romance, although I think Rob is a bit more inclined that way than I am! A great date for us would involve live music, good beer, good food and good discussion. Maybe we could throw in the camper van and some nice seaside/countryside into the mix?

All those ingredients equal a festival really don’t they! Bring on next summer!

BEDN 22 – Leaving on a Jetplane

Day 22Tell us your favourite travel story. Or what is on your travel wishlist? Or what do you think about travelling?

Better late than never, here is my belated post about what I did on my holidays when I went to Cyprus last month!

It was our annual family holiday and this year was a big one for two reasons – it was our first holiday abroad together and my sister was getting married out there!

I faced my fear of flying to sit through four hours of mild turbulence, bored children (my nephews) and annoying passengers in the row behind me (my parents). Although it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

After a smooth transfer from the airport we reached our hotel and as soon as we got our all inclusive wristbands fitted, the holiday began!

Our days were filled with visits to the hotel gym, swimming in the beautiful crystal clear turquoise sea and of course making the most of the hotels many bars with our wristbands!

On Thursday 17th October my sister and BIL married. It was a lovely day. I am usually ‘bah humbug’ about weddings in general, but I cried my eyes out at this one! I was so proud of my nephews and family. Everyone who attended was in floods of tears and said that they had never attended such an emotional wedding! We are such a soft bunch my family, we really are!

There was about twenty of us who flew out on holiday and to attend the wedding including my family, BIL’s family and my sister’s friends and their partners. It was a really nice, relaxed, social holiday.

The highlights included –

  • My mum heckling some poor random stranger! She thought she saw my BIL diving into the pool and shouted out “yoo-hoo, Moby Dick” plus a few other good natured insults, only to realise that it wasn’t him and then run away in shame!
  • We had a girls night out/unofficial second hen night at a local dive bar, involving cheeky vimtos, dodgy dance moves and my mother pole dancing!
  • Another night while the boys were watching the football, us girls wandered into town to a Stonehenge themed bar. After we had settled and ordered our drinks, they were bought out with a free shot. The adults had a shot of some random blue booze and the kiddies were given a free little fruity non alcoholic shot. I have some great photos of my nephews downing shots! Oh dear, start ’em young eh!
  • My mum paragliding with her son in law to be. We all stood on the beach laughing waving at them. I guess the unlimited drinks made that event funnier than it sounds in hindsight!
  • The fact that beer, cocktails and food were on tap non stop all day and night long!
  • On the last day Rob convinced me to hire a buggy with him. Now, I don’t do scary adventurous stuff if I can help it. So I had a couple of very strong whiskeys to help loosen me up at ten in the morning before I went out on our bone shaking ride. It didn’t really work, I soon sobered up and screamed and swore at Rob, who was having the time of his life off roading on a dirt track near the edge of a cliff! He didn’t slow down when I asked him BTW! My hat even blew off my head and got run over by a coach behind us on the motorway! I rescued it and the tire marks came out in the wash, if anyones interested! When we got back to our hotel my mum had a quick run around the town with Rob in the buggy before our hour was up and she loved it! She kept asking Rob to go faster! She is such an adrenaline junkie granny!cypruscyprus 2cyprus 3cyprus 4
    our hotel pool

    our hotel pool

    a very dark picture of the wedding venue in the hotel

    a very dark picture of the wedding venue in the hotel

BEDN 21 – World Television Day

Day 21The invention of television certainly changed the world. Think about communication on a mass scale. You can talk about what telly means to you. Or your favourite tv shows. Make some recommendations, maybe?

I tend to watch tv more this time of year rather than in the summer months. Its cold, dark and miserable outside, so I think its best to stay indoors, keep warm and eat lots of stodgy food in front of the gogglebox!

There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with the cat on my lap to watch a good boxset. I am one of these people who is completely behind when it comes to tv trends. Its more than likely I will get around to watching Breaking Bad, Girls, Game of Thrones etc in about five to ten years time! Honest to god, I only started watching Friends on E4 about five years ago! It totally slipped me by in the 90’s for some reason.* I do like to keep my finger on the pulse, don’t cha know!

My current tv obsession is Mad Men. Rob and I had a box set binge earlier this year. I really don’t know why I was so late to join the party, as I love anything 50’s & 60’s Americana, plus I have owned books about advertising for years. This show was made for me! I think I resisted joining the band wagon because most of the press I read about the show seemed to be about January Jones and Christina Hendricks outfits, rather than the plot and the acting etc. A pretty frock is not enough to make me want to watch a program Im afraid. Sorry Strictly Come Dancing.

A pretty boy on the other hand will make me sit through any old tripe! Hey don’t judge! It works both ways, Rob will watch anything with Zooey Deschanel or Emma Stone in. Its the only way I will get him to watch most of my film choices!

Anyway, I am getting a little off topic now, lets get back to Mad Men again. Yeah, Jon Hamm is fit, but Mad Men is a brilliant program. I love geeking out about the furniture and props to Rob, we both wish we could drink and smoke at work all day long, and Rob who freelances for a local ad agency laughs at how accurate they portray things!

I cant wait to watch series 6. In the mean time, I will be strong and try my best not to read about what is going to happen on Wikipedia!

Current faves on the box include Fresh Meat, The Vampire Diaries, Suburgatory, Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls. Three of which are on tonight!

*Possibly because I was always down the pub!

BEDN 20 – Its Only Fashion, Baby

Day 20 – Write about fashion. It could be an outfit post, or a wishlist, or even your thoughts on fashion.

Bah fashion smashion! Who cares? I sure as hell don’t! Its all a ploy to get us to spend our money on things we don’t need and to make us look slightly silly!

Talking of which, I just have one burning question – Do I go for the Elf Christmas jumper or the Merry Christmas ya filthy animal jumper?Elfmerry xmasPictures from

BEDN 19 – Newsflash

Day 19 – Talk about something that is in the news today.

I said it before, I don’t really follow the news these days.

As I hardly ever buy a newspaper, the way I mostly keep up (or rather don’t) with current affairs is through links on blogs and on social media platforms etc. So consequently I am always a little behind with what is going on in the world!

For todays post I want to share a video and some links. They are kind of relevant to each other.
Here is the video some random posted on my Facebook wall recently –

Its a time lapse video showing every nuclear bomb explosion since 1945. It is as dull as dishwater to be honest, but it makes its point.

Next is a link to a blog post on A Girl Called Jack about a remarkable women who died aged 108 last week. Hetty Bower was a founding member of CND and an inspiration to us all to stand up for what we believe in.

In her own words:

“We may not win by protesting.
But if we don’t protest, we will lose.
If we stand up to them, there is always a chance we will win.”

BEDN 18 – Anti Bullying Week

Day 18 – Let’s stand up to bullies. Share your experience. Or list ways to promote anti-bullying.

 Its hard to admit you have been a victim, but yes, I have been bullied and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

I was a victim of bullying aged 31. It happened at my last place of work and I left my job because of it. I am a little embarrassed to admit this, and I still occasionally get annoyed with myself (2 years later) that I allowed them (the bullies) to get to me. But I am only human and we all have feelings and our limits.

I left because I was fed up with the constant criticism, name calling and pettiness. I was stressed out and very unhappy. I could not change the way my former boss treated me so I changed my circumstances.

I was lucky to be in a position to be able to walk away from my old job and two years on I am so glad I did. I now will not put up with being treated badly at work and I will never stay stuck in a job I hate ever again!