Our Bathroom

Today I am going to show our refitted bathroom. Can you believe that this post has been sitting in my drafts since June 2012! That has got to be a new world record or something surely!

Because I wrote about washing baskets on here recently (I know – thrilling stuff, eh!) all things bathroom related have been playing on my mind. So I finally got my finger out and took some photos of the room. And just like I had been dreading, this room was an absolute bastard to photograph!  I am afraid that I had to give up on using the DSLR because it was not playing ball so most of the photos are taken with my mobile.

Our bathroom is quite a small room. Its too small to photograph properly, or house a washing basket – that’s why I want a pretty one, because its got to live in one of the bedrooms or out on the landing! Its a tiny L shaped room that was originally split into two separate rooms, with the toilet in one, and the sink and bath in the other.

Luckily, a previous owner of the house had knocked the rooms into one, but that is about the only positive thing I can say about the state that the bathroom was in when we moved into our house in 2010. It was in a right old state. It had a miss matched beige/peach coloured suite, a corner bath with a shower above right next to the window (hello neighbours!) so the water spray had rotted the wooden window frame and the glass was covered in limescale, the taps were so badly covered in limescale that they had turned green, the shower curtain pole kept falling down, there were mould spots on the ceiling, the drains were blocked (I pulled out so, so much blond hair from the plugholes, you would not believe!) and the worst thing was that the previous owner, in order to help sell the house, had painted the tiles white. The only problem was that every time we used the shower, bits of paint would chip off and go everywhere. I think he must have used the wrong type of paint or something!

It was so bad that whenever we used our bathroom to shower and clean up, we came out of the room somehow feeling grubbier than before we went in there!

Needless to say that this room was the first room that we decorated in the house. We refitted the bathroom in May 2011 and we used a local builder to do most of the work. It was stressful and expensive, but worth it.

Below is the only picture I can find of how things used to look. Its been sitting here on this post in my drafts ever since my regrettable period (circa 2012) of going overboard with PicMonkey special effects, and I cannot find the original photos anywhere, so please excuse the over use of pink.

I know that it doesn’t look too bad, but take my word for it things were grim, much worse than it looks in the pictures.

Below is a progress photo. We needed a new boiler and took the opportunity to move it up from the kitchen into the bathroom cupboard and out of the way.

If I remember rightly, we managed to find a nice discontinued sink and toilet set for the same price as the ugly Value B&Q branded one. We also had a job finding a small enough bath to fit into the space, but managed to find a P shaped one that fit (just as it was too short!) cheap online.

Through the door (which will be replaced) you can see the cupboard and the end of the shower

Through the door (which will be replaced) you can see the cupboard and the end of the shower

bath 4

A nautical themed print from Etsy. Please note that the bathroom houses the only prints in our house with mounts. One day I will reframe them....I know, I know, yes I am a fussy fart!

A nautical themed print from Etsy. Please note that the bathroom houses the only prints in our house with mounts. One day I will reframe them because I hate mounts. ….Yes, I know, I know, I am a fussy fart!

bath 3bath 6

The bog and sink, new window and shelf to fill the gap at the end of the bath.

The bath and sink, new window and shelf to fill the gap at the end of the bath!

bath 7bath 8bath 9bath 10

What A Basket Case

Rob and I have more or less finished decorating our hallway, landing and spare bedroom. We still need to sort out the finishing touches so it will be a while before I post any pictures on here. Plus I am the worlds slowest blogger when it comes to this type of thing. But one thing we do need to sort out ASAP is a new laundry basket or baskets.

The reason I say possibly baskets is that I have a large load washing machine (I think its 8 or 9KGs?) so it takes almost a week before we have enough clothes for a wash.

We currently have two baskets that we bought to match our bathroom in our old house. Although thinking about it, they may have been bought for the house before that? Who knows? Anyway, the point is that we have had them for a long time and they are on their way out and need replacing. Plus they are ugly as hell and I hate them.

I remember when I first moved in with Rob, I was so naive. I insisted that we have separate laundry baskets and that he did his own washing because he did it himself when he lived with his mates, so why should I do his washing for him when we lived together just because I am female! Oh, I was so optimistic! Of course I do all the washing now! But its only fair because I work less hours than him. I guess I have to pull my weight around the house. If I really have to, that is.

Here is a picture of our current laundry baskets in our old bathroom in our Chatham house. They looked alright in this room because they matched the blind and the colour scheme that was based around the beige bathroom suite.old bathroom

But now I want something large enough yet still discreet, contemporary with a classic mid century vibe, breathable and practical. Is that too much to ask? I think so, because all the available laundry baskets out there seem to be either Ali Baba wicker baskets, plastic monstrosities or fabric bags with ‘Dark’, ‘Whites’ or ‘Washing’ etc all wrote on them. Which are really not to my taste.

Here are my faves so far –

Image from Fermliving.com

Image from Fermliving.com

Image from Fermliving.com

Image from Fermliving.com

The two above from Ferm Living are nice, but they don’t have lids (so I will be able see and smell Robs sweaty sports gear in it!) and I am not sure they are large enough. I like the patterns though.

Habitat Laundry baskets


Above are two more from Habitat. They are a better option because they have lids. But are they breathable?

Image from Johnlewis.com

Image from Johnlewis.com

Which brings me to my current favourite – the bad boy above from John Lewis. It ticks all the boxes but is eye wateringly expensive. And I mean really expensive.

Can I justify spending £60 on a laundry basket???????