BEDN 16 – Hobbies

Day 16 – Tell us about one of your favourite hobbies. Alternatively, tell us about the hobbies you would like to take up in future.

Todays topic is a tough one for me. I guess I hate talking about myself like this, i.e. trying to make myself sound more interesting than I am! To me it feels like writing the cringy introduction part on my CV, or the slightly awkward small talk made when people at work functions or dinner parties ask you about your interests.

To be honest I don’t have a lot of hobbies. That statement probably makes me sound boring, but I am happy to be viewed as dull rather than throw myself off a bridge on a bit of elastic or risk fracturing my bones in some sort of muddy, downhill sport! I like to keep my adrenaline supply firmly stashed in my love handles, thank you very much!

I do have my interests which include the bog standard/same as everyone else – cooking, reading, music, films, art, design, history etc. My main hobby is blogging, and the most adventurous sport I enjoy is bodyboarding. I love it! I have my own wetsuit and everything! I just wish I could do it more often, as unfortunately the Kent coastline is rubbish for decent waves.

The hobbies I would like to pursue more include swimming, cycling and fitness stuff. I also would like to start sketching and painting again, and to improve my photography.

I bought a sketch pad at the beginning of the year and sketched out a couple of quick 5 minute doodles. But then my creative juices dried up and I havent had the urge to sketch again. Maybe next year eh!

Instagram of my 5 minute wonder sketch pad
Instagram of my 5 minute wonder sketch pad

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