BEDN 12 – Your Hometown

Day 12Tell us about your hometown. Maybe a city tour? Some photos or a video maybe? What are the top places you’d recommend? Or maybe tell us why it’s special to you? Or your favourite memory.

There are not a lot of positives that I can say about my hometown. After a lifetime of living here (minus a 5 year stint in Chatham) Im kind of done with it.

My town has recently made the headlines for all the wrong reasons here and here. Plus someone out there gave the go-ahead to make this video to celebrate the town. Seriously?

Some friends of ours have recently moved to Cornwall to start a new life, and its got me and Rob pondering our next move.

Although for the time being I am happy living here, I know at somepoint in the future I want to move away. The plan is to tour the country in our camper van in an Away We Go style to find our future forever home. In the mean time I am going to enjoy having my family on my doorstep, walks in my local park, being near the coast and daydreaming of a quieter lifestyle.

My Instagram of the 'Stone!
My Instagram of the ‘Stone!

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