BEDN 1 – Introductions

Day 1 – Welcome to BEDN! You are aiming to Blog Every Single Day in November. So introduce yourself to fellow BEDN-ers and maybe tell your long time readers something new. Let’s get to know you!

For some reason I find it really hard to write about myself like this (updating my CV is my idea of hell!) But here goes….

Hi my name is Helen, Im in my 30’s, I live in Kent with my other half Rob and my cat Poppy.

My interests include cooking, baking, reading and music.

I like blogs, Instagram, swimming in the sea, animals and drinking tea in my Cath Kidston mugs. I geek out about/slightly get obsessed with mid century furniture, interiors and architechture. I collect vintage cookbooks from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and vintage Pyrex.

I dislike rude people, mushrooms, housework, breaking mugs (I think I keep Cathy K in business with the amount I get through!) and Coldplay. I also hate raw, salad tomatos but love tinned tomatoes. Yep, I am a bit odd.

In May this year I managed to complete the Blog everyday in May challenge set by Elizabeth from Rosalilium. It was tough, but I enjoyed participating. This month I will try my best to blog as much as possible. I cannot promise that I will blog every day (it was really hard in May), but I am going to push myself to blog more frequently, and do my very best to join in the challenge.

Good luck to my fellow BEDN-ers!
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