A Trex Malt Loaf Disaster & Me Rambling On Again

When I was a kid, one of my main hobbies was collecting stuff – badges, stickers, plastic cereal packet toys, scented rubbers, old Enid Blyton books from jumble sales (which I hope are still up in my parents loft!) Basically, I held on to all sorts of rubbish!

I did look after my things as a kid, and I admired and played with my hoard often. But to be honest, it was more about the hunt that led me to the next addition in my collection, that was the real the fun part. I guess part of me is still seven years old at heart, as I still have that urge to collect, consume and hoard stuff I don’t really need!

To be fair, I have got much better over the years since I was a kid. I try to consume mindfully and only buy items I really love for the house. I only buy clothes that I will wear, and I do try to spend my money wisely etc. But my weakness still is books.* I have far too many – art and design books, fiction books waiting to be read, loads of cookbooks (particularly baking ones), and now, add to that my latest obsession – vintage cookbooks!

Yeah I know. This obsession has always been kind of waiting to happen really. A sleeping monster, if you do! One of the main contributing factors is that I loved reading my mums 70’s cook book when I was younger. This, and my enduring love of second hand books both as a kid and an adult, my love of illustrations from the 50’s and 60’s (stemmed from the vintage Enid Blyton books I owned as a kid). Plus my love of cookbooks in general, and the nostalgia/rose tinted look my generation and the media has of the past (non related – how many bands are reforming theses days? Cher-ching!) And possibly this blog post!

So in the weeks since this post, I have been scavenging EBay for vintage cookbooks like a woman without reason. I do not spend more than £3 per item, and this month have forced myself to stop, after winning four books, from buying more. Seriously, that there is some self control for you folks!

Man, I love my new hobby of collecting vintage cookbooks/leaflets! I reason to myself that they might be worth something in the future, and that they are research and inspiration for this blog…..But we all know that I am a little slack when it comes to blogging – I STILL have not posted my big kitchen reveal post or learnt any basic HTML!

I’m off now into town to look at cute folders to store my new collection in.

Oh, and I did bake some Malt loaf from here for my blog! But I threw it away! This is the second retro recipe I have tried out using Trex, and is the second horrible dry cake I made from this book. I don’t know if its because I am leaving them to bake in the oven too long? After all, fan ovens were not around in the 60’s (I think). Or, that it is just down to the ingredients? Or perhaps vintage recipes are best left in the past eh!

*And aprons, and tea towels. Especially vintage ones!

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