A Teeny Tiny Rant!

Hello! I am afraid this is yet another post from a blogger making excuses about why they have not been blogging recently. Im afraid its all down to that old chestnut – life getting in the way again!

Im working loads ATM, and I seem to have no energy. I don’t know if its because of the dark nights and colder weather, but I just want to sleep all the time! I can manage to do the bare essentials like go to work and feed Rob and I (and the cat of course), but anything else like clean the house, blog, comment on other peoples blogs has fallen by the wayside!

Whats worse is that I have started to become a little cynical about blogs and Instagram in general. We all know deep down that they are not real life, and are highly edited, but I think that I have finally run out of patience with it all. I have my favourites, but all the rest just seem to copy each other and are so staged its like they have nothing genuine to say anymore. Plus I am starting to find a lot of the lifestyle advise/self appointed expert type blogs a bit preachy!

Oh dear! I was starting to think that I had outgrown blogs and blogging, and that I was too old and boring for all that stuff. But then yesterday I came home from work with a Kinder Egg each as a treat for Rob and I, all because they had Minion toys inside! So maybe I am not quite as mature as I think I am!!

On the flip side I have found some amazing blogs recently, so my love for blogs and blogging is still going strong. And I will continue to blog, even if my posts are sporadic and no one reads them!

Anyway thats my little rant over with there. I have got things off my chest now! Phew!

What have I been up to recently I here you ask? Well Rob and I have been doing lots of talking recently and we are going to make some big changes soon. No, we are not separating, having a kid, getting a dog, building a conservatory or changing our images and becoming steam punks! Nope, we are hoping to move house in 2016!

Its time for a change, although we love our house and we are so close to getting it finished, we both want to improve our lives by living in an area that offers us more of what we want – like spectacular walks, bike rides and better camping options. We have found an area that offers us this, but is not too rural that it freaks out the 100% town girl born and bred in me, as it has all the high street shops, supermarkets and out of town retail parks which I hate going to, but I am far too conditioned in living with them close by, so I need them really. Plus I will need another crappy, minimum wage retail job that deadens my soul in one of these places.

Anyway, I don’t want to jinx things by saying too much in case it doesn’t happen! But watch this space……

Last Weekend

Last weekend was a good one. It was my Mums 60th birthday so my Dad had organised a surprise stay for her in a hotel in Sandbanks, Bournemouth with Rob and I, my sister, her husband and the boys and the parents besties, a lovely couple who we have all known for years.

It involved a lot of drinking and eating. In fact we drank all the Doombar supplies dry in the hotel bar and Dad fell over and cut his head! We did lots of swimming in the pool, used the hotels gym and rode our bikes 22 miles along the promenade into Christchurch.

We then did quick pit stop in the New Forest on the way home for another bike ride.

We are strange people Rob and I, when we go away we prefer to do lots of activities rather than sit on our bums and relax! We do a lot more stuff than when we are at home. Although lets be honest we did a far amount of sitting and relaxing……and drinking!

I wish more weekends were like this!beer timebike rideAbove the oldest nephew and I at Medford Quay. I chose to follow the bike route signs to Christchurch that said “ferry” not realising that they actually meant that you had to catch a ferry! I mean, they could have warned us or something! ……..We turned round and headed back at this point. The nephew is still using his bike that Uncle Rob fixed up for him although he has almost outgrown it.

The New Forest was gorgeous this time of year with the leaves and bracken changing colour and low light.ponynew forest nov 15van forestWe left home on Friday and came home late on Sunday. On Sunday morning Rob received a text from his mum, who was feeding Poppy, to say that she had ripped her food bag open and there were biscuits all over the kitchen floor, but not to worry as she had cleaned them up and found a clip to seal the bag with. We were both a bit flabbergasted by this as she has never done anything like this before! The little devil!

And then look at the sight of what greeted us on the door step when we got home –naughty popsWhat a little s**t eh! She is in the bad books at the mo. Bloody cat!

Our Bathroom

Today I am going to show our refitted bathroom. Can you believe that this post has been sitting in my drafts since June 2012! That has got to be a new world record or something surely!

Because I wrote about washing baskets on here recently (I know – thrilling stuff, eh!) all things bathroom related have been playing on my mind. So I finally got my finger out and took some photos of the room. And just like I had been dreading, this room was an absolute bastard to photograph!  I am afraid that I had to give up on using the DSLR because it was not playing ball so most of the photos are taken with my mobile.

Our bathroom is quite a small room. Its too small to photograph properly, or house a washing basket – that’s why I want a pretty one, because its got to live in one of the bedrooms or out on the landing! Its a tiny L shaped room that was originally split into two separate rooms, with the toilet in one, and the sink and bath in the other.

Luckily, a previous owner of the house had knocked the rooms into one, but that is about the only positive thing I can say about the state that the bathroom was in when we moved into our house in 2010. It was in a right old state. It had a miss matched beige/peach coloured suite, a corner bath with a shower above right next to the window (hello neighbours!) so the water spray had rotted the wooden window frame and the glass was covered in limescale, the taps were so badly covered in limescale that they had turned green, the shower curtain pole kept falling down, there were mould spots on the ceiling, the drains were blocked (I pulled out so, so much blond hair from the plugholes, you would not believe!) and the worst thing was that the previous owner, in order to help sell the house, had painted the tiles white. The only problem was that every time we used the shower, bits of paint would chip off and go everywhere. I think he must have used the wrong type of paint or something!

It was so bad that whenever we used our bathroom to shower and clean up, we came out of the room somehow feeling grubbier than before we went in there!

Needless to say that this room was the first room that we decorated in the house. We refitted the bathroom in May 2011 and we used a local builder to do most of the work. It was stressful and expensive, but worth it.

Below is the only picture I can find of how things used to look. Its been sitting here on this post in my drafts ever since my regrettable period (circa 2012) of going overboard with PicMonkey special effects, and I cannot find the original photos anywhere, so please excuse the over use of pink.

I know that it doesn’t look too bad, but take my word for it things were grim, much worse than it looks in the pictures.

Below is a progress photo. We needed a new boiler and took the opportunity to move it up from the kitchen into the bathroom cupboard and out of the way.

If I remember rightly, we managed to find a nice discontinued sink and toilet set for the same price as the ugly Value B&Q branded one. We also had a job finding a small enough bath to fit into the space, but managed to find a P shaped one that fit (just as it was too short!) cheap online.

Through the door (which will be replaced) you can see the cupboard and the end of the shower

Through the door (which will be replaced) you can see the cupboard and the end of the shower

bath 4

A nautical themed print from Etsy. Please note that the bathroom houses the only prints in our house with mounts. One day I will reframe them....I know, I know, yes I am a fussy fart!

A nautical themed print from Etsy. Please note that the bathroom houses the only prints in our house with mounts. One day I will reframe them because I hate mounts. ….Yes, I know, I know, I am a fussy fart!

bath 3bath 6

The bog and sink, new window and shelf to fill the gap at the end of the bath.

The bath and sink, new window and shelf to fill the gap at the end of the bath!

bath 7bath 8bath 9bath 10