I Might Have a Problem…

I need to join a support group for Pyrex lovers, something like Pyrex Hoarders Anonymous if such a thing exists.

I need to stand up in front of the group and announce to them that “my name is Helen and I have a Cinderella problem” and then the group would immediately know that its not a Disney princess issue that I have, but a colourful, patterned, vintage glass mixing bowl with pourers on the sides problem and sympathise with me!

I currently have ten Cinderella mixing bowls. Yes, thats right, ten.

Question – How many cakes do I bake? Answer – Not that many, as we are trying to cut back on sugary treats.

Question – How many fruit bowls do I need? Answer – Only one, as there are just two of us in our household.

Question – How many mixing bowls do you own again Helen? Answer – Ten.

Oh, the shame….Still, at least I can write a blog post about them!

I have the complete set of pink Gooseberry mixing bowls.pink pyrex 1
This Morning Star bowl. (My current fruit bowl)mix it up
These two white and yellow Gooseberry bowls.yellow mixing bowls
My personal favourite, this turquoise Gooseberry one.aqua bowl
And these two Toledo bowls, which aren’t in the best condition, so they are my everyday cooking bowls. Although I do use all of them, honestly – just not all at the same time, as I do not run a bakery from my kitchen!toledo bowls

Apparently because I might have too much Pyrex, it totally justifies Rob owning four bikes!?! My answer back is that all of my Pyrex together cost less than the equivalent of one wheel or a pedal or something on one of his expensive bikes.

And at least I can sneak my guilty indulges into the house easier, I suppose!

At Last, A Complete Set Of Pyrex!

I find the simplest type of blog posts like “here’s some new to me Pyrex, now look at the pretty pictures” are the hardest for me to write. I find it much easier to ramble on about random crap incoherently (as demonstrated in my previous post), than edit myself, keeping things short and sweet and to the point! Plus I am really lazy about taking photos for my blog. I had hoped that blogging would make me enjoy photography again, but alas, I will always be a point and shoot and hope for the best type of picture taker. See below!pink pyrex 1

But look at my lovely new Pyrex haul! Kindly bought for me by my Mum while the parents and I were out for the day playing dumb tourists (literally) on Tuesday at Hampton Court.

I found them in an antique shop (does that count as in the wild?), and my heart skipped a beat! They were all individually priced – the smallest white bowl (is it a 1 pint size?) was £3, the pink next size up (2 pint?) was £5, then the second largest white bowl (3 pint?) was £9.50 and the largest pink bowl (4 pint?) was priced £13.50.pink pyrex 2

I only had about £3 quid in my purse, and I could only stretch to buying the two smallest bowls by paying on my card  as it was the wrong side of payday. Mum offered to buy them for me, then we had a bit of a back and forth argument about which bowls to buy, as she offered to buy me a larger size or two, while I buy the cheaper ones, as it was a shame to split the set, and I argued that I did not want her spending more money on me etc. Once we totalled up the complete price of the set £31 (which took an embarrassingly long time, as maths is not our strong point!) we decided to ask the lady in the shop if she could do a deal. At first she said she would knock 10% off, then after she add up the total price of the full set she then said she would sell them for £25.pink pyrex 3

So my Mum very generously bought me the set as my birthday present! I was over the moon and humbled by her kindness. The parents on the other hand could not understand what I see in them and when I text them in the evening to say thank you again for a lovely day out and my present she texted me back saying “Thats ok Dad said. You can have something else than those old dishes!! X” (I have quoted her word for word, as my Mums texts always make me laugh as is not the best at using her mobile!) Some people just do not appreciate good vintage when they see it, eh!

I know that £25 is not the cheapest, but it works out at £6.25 per bowl, which is about the average price for a Kent charity shop find. However, it is a much cheaper price for a full set than on Ebay and Etsy, which is good enough for me! Thanks again Mum!

Sidenote – I also need to invest in some cheap round tupperware containers to display these bad boys with. I was using one of a set from Ikea for my display on the ever evolving kitschen shelves of glory. I just could not find the rest of them. I know that one is currently in the freezer with half a can of coconut milk in it, who knows where the rest have gone? I had to balance my bowls precariously on some mini jam jars for their photo shoot!pink pyrex 4

Early Birthday Treats and a Failed Blog Post!

Its my birthday this month, so for a treat my parents took me out for the day. We went up to Hampton Court and had pizzas at Pizza Express and then they bought me some vintage Pyrex.

They sure do know the way to my heart. Pizza and Pyrex! All in the same day! Boy, I am a lucky girl!

On my Instagram feed, every so often I will post a picture of Hampton Court. If you are wondering why, its because my parents are from the area* (OK, technically my Dad is a scouser, but he moved down south in his mid teens), and we go up to Kingston and its surrounding area to tend family graves. And because we like it up there, of course. We love the parks and we often wander around the grounds of Hampton Court.

This visit was different though, because this time we actually coughed up the entrance fee and went inside the palace rather than its free grounds!

This is a rare, once a decade, type of occurrence in my family, which involves a lot of grumbling about the price of the tickets, some feeble attempts of trying to remember all that we know about the Tudors gleaned from the tv series and Philippa Gregory books, and us nearly fainting from the shock of the price of a cup of tea in the cafe.

What can I say, we are a cultured bunch! If I were a more eager blogger I could have taken our good camera up with me and written up an informative blog post about the history of the palace and what you can experience from a visit. But…. you guessed it, nah, I didn’t bother. What can I say, I like to be a consistant slacker! At least I managed an Instagram picture, I suppose!IMG_20150512_214852

After we managed to absorbe our current decades worth of culture (we were facinated by the historic cakes in the cafe and could probably tell you more about them than the history of the royal families in the palace!) we had a little wander around the local shops in Hampton before scoffing down our pricey pizzas.

I dragged my Mum into one of the antique shops and she ended up treating me to my early birthday present…..to some pretty special Pyrex!

As I have somehow managed to write an overly long introduction to a post on Pyrex all about my family background and visiting Hampton Court (in other words, nothing that ties in with, or is relevant to Pyrex -Damn I am so good at this blogging malarky!) I think its best that I share the Pyrex in another post. Take two, if you like.

Hopefully in my next attempt at blogging about my latest haul, I will not waffle on all about myself (yet again) and let the Pyrex do all the talking!!! Fingers crossed. Sorry everyone! I must try harder!

*BTW if you think that we are a posh lot because Kingston is a very well heeled area, think again. My parents moved to Kent because they could not afford to live in the area (and this was back in the late 70’s/early 80’s), and a lot of my Surrey family come from a Roma background.

Lately #14

I haven’t done a catch up/Lately# post for a while. To be honest its because Ive not really got much to talk about right now other than Robs accident, my cycling training and work.
My blog already has two posts dedicated to cycling (which is more than enough!), but Im still going to waffle on some more about all of the above (sorry!). Except for work that is, because no one wants to hear about that!

Here is a recap on whats been going on lately –

  • So Rob fractured his shoulder three weeks ago today, after his tubeless front tire burst and he flew over his handle bars on the red route mountain bike trail at Bedgebury. I wasn’t with him at the time (that kind of riding is too extreme for me) and he had to call his parents to pick him up and take him to A&E, as I don’t drive. And before you ask, no, I am not going to learn anytime soon. Its an unnecessary expense right now, and I can manage fine without driving anywhere. Except in emergencies that is!
  • Talking of which, Rob cannot drive at the moment and for (at least) the next three weeks. Its no biggie as we have managed before without a car for long periods of time, due to not being able to afford one and having work carried out on the Beetle etc. Right now, the kick in the teeth is that we do not know when will be able to go camping next. I have this weekend off (my first in ages) and I had hoped to get away somewhere. Its a good job the weather is rubbish and its pissing down right now!
  • I have also cancelled my week off booked this month. Hopefully we can go camping somewhere in June or July….
  • When Rob first came home from the hospital, he was in a bad way. In lots of pain and he could not lie down and dress himself etc, so he camped on the sofa for two days solid. I looked after him the best I could (I am not a natural nurse type) until he downloaded a new app on his phone. A bell app! Aghhhhh! He drove me mad ringing this bloody bell everytime he wanted something! He was just like this cat in the video below. Just not as funny or as cute. Or a cat…P.s watch the video to the end, its funny!

  • I have also temporarily lost my training buddy for my sponsored 35 mile bike ride in June (which I may have mentioned once or twice on here!!) Its only 8 weeks away today – eek!
    I am not motivated enough to go on my own, so I was asking and texting everyone I could think of if they wanted to come out cycling with me. Every female I could think of, that is, as all the blokes I know who cycle are super competitive and too fast for me! I kept saying that I need to find a lady with a bike, to go for a ride with. My sister joked that I should advertise myself with that tag line on Tinder!!
  • I hate doing this, and I feel a bit like a chugger, but if anyone fancies sponsoring me, here is our page and more info about the bike ride. So far we have raised a grand total of £0.00. We are useless!
  • I found a training buddy eventually with my work colleague, and I have been out on my own a few times. I had not been on a bike for 20 years until recently, and the furthest I have ever riden is 20 miles (accidentally)* at Bewl Water park. This year the furthest I have ridden is 17.6 miles in the New Forest, but that had a pub lunch stop halfway (my favourite kind of bike ride!). Yesterday I rode 14 miles without stopping and rode up the evil hill ( 7% gradient and 0.2 miles long) in my local park four times without getting off and pushing my bike! I am slowly getting there, but I still have a long way to go to get up to 35 miles without stopping. In 8 weeks – eek!
  • A lady working in Holland and Barrett was asking Rob what happened to him the other day (wearing a sling draws a lot of attention as you can imagine) and asked him if he was increasing his calcium intake. Neither of us had thought of that, and then we swiftly exited the shop before she had a chance to try to sell us some supplements! It might be an old wives tale, but it can’t do any harm, so Rob has been guzzling lots of whole milk to help repair his broken bones and I have been buying lots of mini Babybells for him to snack on. And guess what, now I am addicted to snacking on mini Babybells!
  • After 10 years of owning my own lawn, thanks to Robs shoulder I have finally learnt how to use the lawn mower and strimmer! Feminist feel free to hate me saying this, but me and my female friends like to call mowing the lawn a “blue job” and we are happy to let the men in our life do that chore! I guess its a useful life skill to learn, but lets just say that if I was single I think I would concrete over the whole garden!
  • Mum gave me a couple of vintage cookbooks recently. I might blog about them eventually.
  • I got my grubby mitts on two of Orla Kiely’s limited edition coffee jars. I just need the green one now to complete the set, then figure out what the hell to do with them and how to display them!orla jars

* Correction – I cycled 14 miles and walked 7 miles from our campsite to the cycle hire centre and back again. I was absolutely knackered after that ride and was for days afterwards. But yesterday I cycled 14 miles, walked 4 odd miles with Rob to Lidl and town, then mowed the lawn when I got home and felt fine the next day. So I have improved in two years!