How I Feel At The End Of 2014

I guess I should publish a resolutions for 2015 type post on here, but right now I CBA.

Thats not to say that I will not publish one, as I think a little reflection and some targets/aims/goals/lists/resolutions for each new year are a positive thing and something that I like to do. You have been warned!

Today I just want to write about how I am feeling at the end of 2014. This year has been a challenging year, full of ups and downs. But despite what has happened, I feel stronger for it. So thank you 2014.

This year I feel like I am actually an adult, and I have stopped pretending that I am a big kid (I have a mortgage, crows feet, life experience and can no longer drink till 3am FFS!) I have stopped wishing that I was still in my early twenties, not my mid thirties and I feel good about this!

I compare my life less to others than I ever did before and care less about what people think (not that I ever really did before. But anyway). I am now more comfortable with who I am, my choices and with what I want from life than ever.

I am all about making the most of what you have, wanting less, owning less, making the most of things and moving forward.

I guess it is true, that things really do get better as you get older! Roll on another year!

Happy New Year to all my readers. Have a good one!

Some Festive Treats

I was spoilt rotten for Xmas this year. The boy did good, Rob got me exactly what I wanted – three lovely books!good books

Well it was a no brainer for him really, as the first two books I bought myself for cheaps in TK Maxx and then told him to pay me back! And the third mahoosive book at the bottom of the pile I asked him to get for me!

Ok, so lets forget the fact that I have just recently downsized my cookery book collection. So much for my new minimal approach to cooking, opps! There will always be room for another book by Jane Hornby as I love her recipes and the design concept in her books.

The Retro Furniture Classics is another book about my favourite subject to geek out on. And as for the Mid Century Modern Complete, well lets just say that I did not think another book could manage to surpass the wonderfulness of last Xmas’s present Orla Keily’s book Home, but I think this book has!

It is a beautifully laid out book with great photos on everything possible subject from the era. I love the chapter with the house tours and the cover designed by Jenn Ski. And its going to take me blooming ages to read – yay!

So now its time for a little festive treat for my blog readers. If you want a chuckle and then to think WTF how did she manage that? Then watch this video of me falling off my bike at Bedgebury Park last weekend!

Rob has recently treated himself to a sports camera thingy (basically a cheaper version of a GoPro) and managed to record my eldest nephew and himself falling off their bikes on the red route (a totally respectable thing to do – even the pros do it) and then me somehow managing to fall off my bike at the end of the family trail (totally not respectable) just before the car park. Don’t ask!

Its my nephews little hahahahahah laugh at the end of the clip that cracks me up!

Dreamy Crib Alert 2

Here is a little festive treat for all you fans of mid century architecture and interiors out there!

I spotted this house tour on Apartment Therapy and it induced a bad case of house envy. I love everything about it! The outside, the layout, the furniture, the art work, the ceramics. Its all so dreamy!

All images from apartmenttheraphy.com141216 Bobbie-1141216 Bobbie-2141216 Bobbie-5141216 Bobbie-6141216 Bobbie-8141216 Bobbie-14141216 Bobbie-31141216 Bobbie-33For more images of the house please check out this link on the owners website and this link to Its such a gorgeous pad. Im smitten!

Christmas 2014

Its that time of year again when Noddy Holder, George Michael and Elton John really start to get on your nerves.

Ok, to be fair their music gets on my nerves all year round. But right now if I hear Step into Christmas one more time, I might have to smash something or go and rock in a corner somewhere. Or do both.

Ah the joys of working in a busy retail environment!

As I have said before on here, me and Xmas have a tricky relationship. It is OK and all that, its just the consumerism, dictated traditions, excess and religious aspects that are not my thang.

Bah humbug! Anyway, thats enough of my moaning. Lets talk about the Xmassy stuff that I have embraced this year.

We put our decorations up this Sunday just gone, and I was brave (as I hate entertaining) and invited the family around for a pre-christmas buffet. I went all out and baked a ham, made mince pies, a quiche, coronation chicken (not coronation turkey, sorry!), mini pizzas, sandwiches and Xmas cake from scratch and then bought a couple of bumper packs of frozen buffet-processed junk-mini bite sized bits and some pre-made pigs in blankets.

I sound like the catering was easy and effortless, but the reality was a 6am trip to the supermarket for supplies and booze and two days of prep and panicking!

Everyone enjoyed themselves though and complimented me on the food, so I might do it again next year. Although I am slightly worried that I might have given everyone food poisoning as Rob said that eating the left overs the next day gave him terrible wind! Eek!

I am afraid there are no pictures of the food spread as I was too busy being the hostess with the mostess. Here is a picture of the ham taken by Rob to share on social media as you do. (Its the first ever one I have made and Robs favourite meat treat if that justifies the over share!)ham

Here are some pictures of our decorations in the lounge. We have gone for the kitschy minimal look if there is such a thing!
dear deerdark window picsideboarddeer herdxmas tree

We have a new white tree (only a tenner in B&M) and some new LED fairy lights (more expensive than I thought they would be, which are now half price – grr!) with all my retro kitschy baubles that I have been collecting and gifted over the years displayed on it.

If I am honest, I find it hard to get excited about putting the xmas decorations up in our house as I hate clutter and I much prefer my nik naks that I have on display all year round. To combat this lack of enthusiasm we have just put up a few of our favourites and I have pinned some pretty images with a much more sophisticated, modernist inspired Xmas look that I want to work towards emulating in our home in the the next few years.tree closer

Of course all my glittery deers and cat on a chaise lounge are sophisticated and tasteful!! Not tacky at all!

How Did I Miss This?

How did this upcoming film slip by my radar?

Err, maybe because I am old and do not exactly have my finger on the pulse!

A film about a subject that I am slightly obsessed with – kitschy art, that ticks all the boxes for me – a Tim Burton film starring two of my favourite actresses Amy Adams and Krysten Ritter (love those gals) and a period drama set in my favourite era – the sixties. Win, win, win!

Now all I have to do is to convince Rob (aka Mr king of the dick flicks, who will watch anything with car chases, explosions, superheros, massive special effects and minimal dialogue) to take me to the pictures!

*Update* Since I published my post this morning, Retro Renovation have published this great post on Big Eyes which I recommend you read if you are interested in the story!