My Man Does The Sweetest Things For Me

I am sure that all close friends and couples out there have their own in jokes and lines that they quote to each other. Rob and I are no different, we each do silly impressions and have our own catchphrases and private jokes to make each other smile.

As we are not very well cultured, the sad truth is that most of our lines are gleaned from TV shows, adverts and films, with a few (good natured) mickey takes of various family members thrown in for good measure!

Seriously, we quote lines from Elf to each other daily.

Recently when one of us is boring the other one, for example me droning on in a poorly informed way about the growing gap between the rich and poor or Rob going on about his daily calorie intake after joining MyFitnessPal™, we have taken to holding up an imaginary paddle of rebuke to shut each other up and make me snigger!

Yes, I know that this advert has been around for quite a while now. What can I say, as well as being uncultured we are also a bit slow!

Today Rob was flapping his mouth for far too long for my liking so I put a status on my Facebook account saying how I need a paddle of rebuke.

And look what I came home from work to!paddlesOur very own paddles of rebuke! No more holding up an imaginary one!

Its amazing what you can cobble together with some double sided sticky tape, some cheap ping pong bat and balls from Sports Direct (that we had already and didn’t use), a marker pen and two elastic bands! Boy, we are going to have hours of fun with these!

Yup, I know, we are both really, really sad!

Something Has To Give

I thought I would write a little update about my current work situation of having three jobs.

Its been a year and a half since I took on my second part time job. I took it on because at the time I could not find a job that offered me the 25 – 30 hours per week that I want to work. In fact I still cannot find a job with that magic number of hours! Its all or nothing out there, either a minimum of 40 hours per week or nil hour contracts.

It took me a while to get used to my new way of working after 12 years of working full time at the same job. But I can honestly say that right now, working part time suits me and I cannot see me going back to the more traditional 9-5 way of working anytime soon.

I used to work five days a week from 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Saturday, with the same day off in the week. Sure, my routine changed from time to time with different commutes to and from work depending on where I was living at the time, and I had different responsibilities over the years. But for twelve years of my life each day was pretty much groundhog day. The same old drudgery and add to the mix that some of my former colleagues went out of their way to make things difficult for me. Not fun.

Currently, I do not have a typical day. I have set shifts with one job and then I fit my other job around it (I can be flexible with my hours with this job as they just pay me a set amount of hours per task completed). Plus I take on as much overtime as I can from both jobs to boost my income each month as I am only contracted to work 12 hours per week for one job and 10 for the other. So I am quite the busy bee, always coming and going. But something has to give, and currently the thing that I am struggling with is fitting in the work I do to help Rob out with his business.

On a good day my routine is typically like this – work 9am – 1pm at one job, come home have some lunch, do some housework, try to catch up with the chasing and emails for Rob and then go to the other job to cover a shift from 4pm – 8pm. Sometimes this way of working works, I will put dinner in the slow cooker in between jobs ready to come home to, or if it is a Saturday we might go out for a pub lunch between shifts as a treat (and so that I feel like I am getting actually having a weekend!)

On a bad day it can be quiet tough. It is hard working three different roles in one day. It is hard coming home then getting changed from one uniform to another to go out again to different job. It feels like a long day working from 9am to 8pm and I often work six days a week (although I do have half days during the week, so I cannot complain).

Lately I have been struggling. I have to admit that three jobs for one person is far too much, no matter how few hours I do for each one. It is overwhelming. Two I can manage, but three is too much. And if I am honest, one of my part time jobs has been getting to me – its nothing that I cannot handle, but the things that bug me are similar to things that I hated about my last job, like bitchy colleagues, being talked down to, too much pressure and my manager being unreasonable. I have been telling myself that it was fine, after all its only a part time job and it was no where near as bad as my old job etc.

Recently something horrible has happened outside of work, and while I am not ready to share it on here, it has made me think that life is short and you only get one shot at it. I am not getting anywhere with this job and things will not get any better there. Its only a minimum wage job and so is my other job, but the other job is a much easier way to earn it! So I am going to be kind to myself and not put up with it all that rubbish again (no matter how small the dosage is). I deserve better.

I am going to be brave and hand my notice in at that job. It is scary. I am worried about the money side of things and how long it will take me to find another job (so I can either work 2 x part time jobs and stop working for Rob, or just one part time job with more hours and then carry on helping Rob out). I am also worried about how I will feel with more free time on my hands as I like to keep busy, but I don’t like being overwhelmed like I am now. I have promised myself that I will be disciplined with my time, that I will step up the job hunting a notch, that I will do my yoga DVD, walk and swim more, that I will keep on top of the housework and not fall down the internet rabbit hole everyday and I might even bake some bread.

We all know that the last one is not going to happen!

So things might be tough, but I have the support of my family and Rob behind me. We might be eating random meals of whatever is left in the cupboards and freezer (kidney beans and fish fingers anyone?) and Xmas is definitely going to be a small affair this year, but we will survive. I still have one small source of income and Rob has work booked in and in time I will find another job.

Things will work out eventually. Fingers crossed!

I Still Like Big Old Books And I Cannot Lie

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the parents recently had a sort out of all the junk stored up in their loft and asked me to collect the last of my books from my childhood which had languished up there for the last 15 – 20 odd years.

We collected a large suitcase full of trashy Point Horror, Point Romance, Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, Babysitter Club books and GCSE english books. This was donated straight away to the charity shop and not photographed for my blog Im afraid.

And then, the mother load – a huge box full of Enid Blyton books! (With some added Laura Ingalls Wilder et al for the keen eyed!)big booksol booksBrace yourselves for lots of badly composed pictures of books!80'sI discovered this 80’s tactic encyclopaedia type book for young girls which also has tips on how to keep fit and stay slim, beauty tips and some recipes to try. I wonder if the young boys version included these? #feministrantalertL I WI loved the Little House books when I was a booksI also loved the TV series All Creatures Great and Small and Mr Majeika. Unfortunately I could not get into the James Herriot books and I never did read them (sorry Mum!)st claresmallory towersBut I did love a good book about an all girls boarding school or two! Midnight picnics and Lacrosse ahoy!mystrysecretsecret 7famous 5adventureAnd books about gangs of children solving crimes and mysteries.books againSorry for the blur on this photo. The box of books took me all afternoon to sort out! Its funny, in a telephone conversation my Mum, her exact words were to me “I never knew that Enid Blyton wrote so many bloody books!!” I know what she means!random EBbooks galorebooks galore 2So what did I do with all these lovely old books you ask? Please don’t hate me but after sorting them and photographing them for my blog, I decided to donate most of them to charity. I kept a few of the older books and some of my favourites, but the rest had to go. I have spent years working hard on curbing my hoarding habits and they would have only been stored up in our loft for decades. Its best that they can be read and enjoyed again and raise some money for a good cause rather than gather dust and mold.

Are they family heirlooms? Yes and no. A lot of these books were bought secondhand in jumble sales and so on. I have 3 nephews and no children of my own so there is no one to pass them on to. If Rob and I do start a family, I reasoned that this is my childhood, not theirs. A lot of these books are dated and not very PC. Any possible future kids of mine can chose their own interests and books. And if they decide that they like Enid Blyton and old books then I will kick myself!

Who Needs A Laugh?

I sure as hell do!

Sorry, it has been a while since I last blogged or commented on anyone else’s blog. To be honest its because some horrible unbloggable stuff has happened, and while I have lots of relevant posts ready in my drafts folder, I am not sure when or if I will publish them.

Sorry to be so bloody cryptic there. Lets just gently ease back in to blogging by laughing at my younger self eh!

Earlier this year I unpacked a box of big old books from our loft and I mentioned in my post that there are many more books from my childhood still to be sorted. Well, yesterday I finally collected the shed load of books that were stored up in my parents loft (post coming soon) and amongst all the peeling spines I found this little gem of a notebook containing lots of drawings from me aged about 7-8 (I think?)!

Its basically proof that I have always been a bit of a dickhead/strange/random/a bad speller (feel free to chose as many of those options as you like!)

My note book containing lots of sketchy sketches.

My note book containing lots of sketchy sketches.

Evidence that my jokes have always been shit and yes, I still laugh at my own jokes!

Evidence that my jokes have always been shit and yes, I still laugh at my own jokes!

I have no idea why I drew this either!

I have no idea why I drew this either!

I also loved lamp at an early age it seems. (Excuse the camera strap in the corner of this snap - oops!)

I also loved lamp at an early age it seems. (Excuse the camera strap in the corner of this snap – oops!)

WTF? Lisa Smith??!!??

WTF? Lisa Smith??!!?? Baby with sideburns??!!

But where is the mat?

But where is the mat?

A ladie and my Dad who did have a tash in the 80's but he did not have a Kevin Keegan perm. His curls were all natural! (I think his hair was quite short BTW, anyway its a grey no 1 now!)

A ladie and my Dad who did have a tash in the 80’s but he did not have a Kevin Keegan style perm. His curls were all natural thank you! (I think his hair was actually quite short back then BTW. Anyway its a grey no 1 now!)

What kid preaches about nutrition and doesn't want sweets? Me evidently.

What kid preaches about nutrition and doesn’t want sweets? Me evidently.

Finally, proof that I was an aspiring indy cindy from an early age. Yellow - check, polka dot - check, cute girly collar - check! Either that or I got my fashion tips from Mr Blobby!

Finally, proof that from an early age I was an aspiring indy cindy. Yellow – check, polka dot – check, cute girly collar – check! Either that or I got my fashion tips from Mr Blobby!