Tuesday Tune

Confession – I have really run out of enthusiasm in doing Tuesday Tune posts with a female guitarist theme. So I have decided not to force myself to do them anymore, as it kind of takes the fun out of blogging.

So while on holiday I was having a little think about my blog in general and I decided that I will continue with the Tuesday Tune feature, but will just post a video of any random tune I am liking or reminiscing about with a little background story/tenuous link.

For this weeks song I have picked Pulp’s “Sorted for E’s and whizz”. I have been feeling the urge to go to a another festival before the summer is over and the festival season comes to an end. Last week we were offered two Bestival tickets, a ferry return ticket and a campervan pass as a friend was selling hers as she could no longer make it.

We had to decline the opportunity (sob) for many boring reasons, but the main one being the current state of our campervan. See the post below for details.

So to try to console myself I have bookmarked this blogpost here, to remind myself that festivals are not always 100% fun apparently……..But you cant beat being drunk in the middle of the day in a muddy field!

Sigh never mind, before I round up this post, I must make another confession that I have been tuning in to Absolute 90’s radio station, which sometimes makes me feel a little old but still has become my latest guilty pleasure!

A few days ago they played this tune which is an old 90’s fave of mine. I cannot seem to find the video on YouTube, if they ever made one that is? – Who cares, just enjoy the tune and reminisce about festivals of yesteryear!


P.S. I still love Jarvis!

Introducing Our Campervan

Now lovely readers, I trust that you have all read my Link Love post from 11/08/12 and clicked on the link to see Emma and Nicks adventures in their T25 Colonel Mustard?…………Mum? Have you?

Well let me introduce our very own VW campervan which is as yet unnamed.

The bug and our van on the drive

Unfortunately we will not be driving off into the sunset for a while.

The interior through the window

Rusty wiper!

He was bought 18months ago from a member of the VW club we belong to (hey – please don’t snigger! This car club likes to socialise, camp together, drink together, BBQ together and sometimes talk about VW’s and help fix them up together!) for £750 and needs a little TLC to be worthy of sleeping in, or failing that to at least be able to pass its MOT.

All of the following images except the last are taken by Rob with his iPhone.

The main concern I had when we viewed it, was not the fact that it had no MOT, or that it was being used as a garden shed and had a few holes on the bodywork. It was the moldy green gangrene stuff I saw on it, which has now stained our yet-to-be tarmac-ed driveway.

Rob assures me it will go away once he has fixed it up and given it a good clean. He is currently learning how to weld and once a week he likes to rev it up and stink out the house with exhust fumes as he always leaves the front door open!

In the mean time we have a very nice tent.

I’m back!

I’m back people! Back from a week away in the New Forest, staying with my family in a lovely bungalow with an outside swimming pool in Norley Wood.

We went for lots of walks, bike rides and even took a day trip to the Isle of Wight, which felt like an extra bonus holiday within a holiday.

I ate an icecream a day (almost) and sampled a few of the pubs within the National Park. I cooed over the wild horses and the donkeys and thought I saw a tiger….It was a cow that was sitting down which was an orangey colour with black stripes, that made me do a double take! My Mum agreed with me that it really looked like a tiger – I do not need to go to Specsavers, honest!

I sit here writing this with both of my heels in Compeeds after on Wednesday, Rob and I decided to go for a long walk and I then realised that I had left my walking boots in the back of my parents car, which they had already gone out for the day in. So after a few texts back and forth I borrowed my Mums boots. She is a size 5 and I am a size 6, and when I tried them on they felt OK, a little bit snug but in a kind of I need to cut my toenails kind of snug. So I decided I would wear them, rather than walk through woods wearing my Birkenstocks!

Well after six odd miles and despite the boots being a little snug, I was a limping, whining wreck! When we reached Beaulieu (a lovely village BTW) I had to phone my Dad to pick me up. The first time I have done so since I was around 16!

Aside from blisters bigger than a £2 coin on my plates of meat and a sore sun burnt neck, I had a great time. Rob and I cant wait to get our campervan fixed up and running to go on spontaneous weekend trips to lovely places like this. Maybe next summer, fingers crossed!

From google images. Tony the tigers double.


Some Stuff I Baked Last Month

This post is really just an excuse to check in here. I have mentioned on here before about a thousand times, that I want to improve my photography. I guess in order to do so I should really start taking more pictures, so here is some stuff I baked earlier.

A fancy pizza recipe from here.

And malt loaf (we love us some Soreen and I wanted to try making some myself) recipe from here. Note (the edited to look overexposed – honest!) snaps taken with the cake still wrapped in baking paper and in a Roses sweets tin. Who says food styling is hard?

In other news I am a little bit annoyed that my menus have gone to the bottom of my page layout. I told Rob and he kindly took the time to explain how web pages and basic HTML work in great detail. Needless to say I zoned out and took none of it in. Basically what I can gather is that some code has pushed them out and it is something that’s easily fixed. My contribution to the conversation was a typical Helen moment “I bet it was that bloody unicorn poop that did it, that unicorn poop has ****** up my blog” Yup, I said that. And I sometimes wonder why I am not taken seriously!

Also Im off to the New Forest tomorrow for a week away with Rob, my parents, my sister, her partner and my two lovely nephews. Valuable family time doing what we do best, eating and drinking too much (when the boys are in bed of course). I cant wait!

I promise to try harder and to try to take a half decent snap of one of the most photogenic places in the UK………….and maybe read my cameras manual………..maybe……….

Link Love

If you have a few spare hours and sometimes daydream of leaving the rat race, then have a butchers at this lovely blog called Home is where you park it.

This blog has been read from start to finish by Rob which is quite a rare thing, and myself (not rare!), and we both talked about posts over dinner and for a few days afterwards. It made me sort of come around to the idea of having a toilet in our van, maybe….

Warning – Do not read this blog before you have go to work like I did, as it will really make you think about jacking it in and driving off into the sunset in a rusty vw camper van.

Now we really must get those repairs/MOT sorted on our van!


Jelly On The Plate

Look what my mum found and gave me! A vintage rabbit jelly mold!

She found in the wardrobe while having a sort out, and I remember this used to make appearances at birthday parties when I was a kid.

It is something of a family heirloom as it used to belong to my great grandmother and is from either the 30’s or the 50’s according to my mum! Shall we just call it being from the 40’s for arguments sake!

So I thought I would use it to make some some strawberry yogurt jelly.

Edible duracell bunny?

Unfortunately I could not get the jelly out of the mold! I googled for any ideas how to do so, and tried leaving it in warm water for a few minutes which was the top suggestion. Nope, did’nt work! Next time I will try lining the mold with a little flavourless oil, the other suggestion the google told me!

1x pack of strawberry jelly (I bought raspberry by mistake, shh don’t tell anyone!)
300g plain yogurt (or you can use strawberry flavour if you wish)
150g chopped strawberries

1. Chop up jelly into cubes and dissolve with 300ml boiling water then cool.
2. Add the strawberries and yogurt to the jelly and whisk together.
3. Pour into bowls or molds and leave to set in the fridge for a minimum of four hours.
4. Eat while singing jelly on the plate (the singing part is optional)